Patient Testimonials

Dr. Raffle is one of the best brain psychologists in Los Angeles. I had a head injury 10 years ago and have had many problems. Dr. Raffle did cog rehab that made a huge difference in my life. He is the kindest and most helpful doctor I have ever met - and I've met a lot of them!

Magellan Health

I consider it a rare and great blessing to have had the good fortune to see Dr Raffle. His knowledge, common sense and humanity are lavished upon his patients. He genuinely cares about people and has been beyond generous with his time, calling me daily without charge when I was seriously ill and could not come and see him. Do not be fooled by his quiet manner. This is one smart guy. And he takes insurance- Wow! 

Laura in Los Angeles, CA | Feb 04, 2016

Dr. David Raffle is very kind, caring, and compassionate. He has a great deal of concern for his patients. A few years ago my Son was hit in the head with a firework and he now has brain trauma and major PTSD. He saw Dr Raffle and he was so happy. To have a doctor understand and treat him with compassion, Dr. David Raffle is an angel. With his kind and caring ways, he is a 10. You never find a doctor who really cares about his patients. God Bless Dr. Raffle, Our Angel. Sincerely, Joseph's Mom. 

Mother in Lawndale, California

Every year on his birthday someone else had to read his birthday card. Imagine our surprise when this year he opened the card and read it all by himself. Everybody in the family started to cry. God bless Dr. Raffle for giving my grandson back his life!

– Grandmother in Beverly Hills, California

No one would believe that our son would ever read again after his sports injury – the progress that he’s made is truly a miracle. I highly recommend Raffle Brain Institute and Dr. David Raffle to anyone with a child who has suffered a traumatic brain injury.

– Mother in Pacific Palisades, California

What Doctor Raffle has done for our son's improvement is nothing short of a miracle.

- C.A., Los Angeles

I just wanted to let you know that I took the exam for my Clinical Medicine course that represented the four hardest exams that I have taken throughout my academic career… I received a 90% and I begin my first rotation tomorrow. I want to let you know because of you [Dr. Raffle], this has all been possible. You are an amazing man and I would be so honored if you would allow me to call you my friend. Thank you so much for all that you have done for me.

-Medical student with learning disabilities who received MCAT accommodations

I first saw Dr. Raffle years ago, when I was a child being tested for ADD and learning disabilities. Dr. Raffle was warm, kind, and has always made me feel self-confident. It was my dream to become a doctor but I thought I was not smart enough. I felt it would be too hard with my ADD, Dyslexia, and other learning disabilities. Dr. Raffle instilled in me the belief that I could accomplish my dream and that it was okay to ask for accommodations. He helped me get accommodations on both my SAT, ACT, and the MCAT. Now I am starting school at one of the best medical schools in the US. I owe everything to Dr. David Raffle..

-Rebecca Hudson, 28 year old medical student with learning disabilities

When I was 32 I had an accident on the job. I hit my head and had long-term brain damage because of it. Dr. Raffle was amazing throughout the whole process. He was so knowledgeable about working with my lawyers too. I highly recommend Raffle Brain Institute and Dr. David Raffle to anyone with a traumatic brain injury.

-Ralf Melville, 43 year old patient

Dr. Raffle helped my twin boys receive the accommodations they desperately needed from the Los Angeles public school system. Without Dr. Raffle’s help I am sure this would have never happened. I highly recommend him for any parent looking to help their child.

-Jenny Sharp, mother of patients

Professional Testimonials

Dr. Raffle has been preparing behavioral and psychoeducational assessments for our center for over 20 years. The quality of his work has consistently been the finest in the business, from the excellence and clarity of his writing to his ability to synthesize data into valuable conclusions and hands-on recommendations.

-Mishelle Ross Owens, EdD, BCET, President/CEO, AHEAD, Inc.

We were at wit’s end and did not know what to do about my husband’s behaviors since his brain injury. The family and our marriage were falling apart, and the children were suffering. Then Dr. Raffle came into our lives and truly saved us all. The positive changes my husband made were nothing short of a miracle.

-T. W., Los Angeles, California

Dr. David Raffle's neuropsychological testing and rehabilitation has had such an amazing positive impact on the young cancer and brain tumor survivors who continue to suffer due to the neuro-cognitive late-effects of cancer and cancer treatment. We were extremely blessed to find this treasure.

-Patricia M Kerrigan, PhD. Founder, Foundation ThinkAgain